In this video we teach you how tell people you can speak some Chinese, and how to ask if people speak English. Here is the vocabulary:

你會說中文嗎? Nǐ huì shuō zhōngwén ma? Can you speak Chinese/

會 huì can

我會說一點 Wǒ huì shuō yīdiǎn I can speak a little

你會說英文嗎? Nǐ huì shuō yīngwén ma? Can you speak English



  1. I hear yingyu and yingwen. I hear yidian and yidian(r). I am so confused.

  2. duck is yaze because i already kniw how to say chinese

  3. I don’t understand, is there a difference between 文 and 语?? Like 英文/ 英语

  4. I just walk in and say slowly,loudly and clearly in English hello! I'm American! Do you speak English? While making speaking gestures with my hand and smiling big.

  5. I love your videos! thanks and keep going!! I am going to watch all them. Recommend all serious Chinese learners come over to TutorMandarin to get a free 1-on-1 Chinese trial class and language evaluation with sign up!

  6. they knew I was a Laowai in Shanghai, I was at a jewelry store trying to buy something for my mom, the woman selling me this Jade dragon kept saying "I give you a discount, you remind me of my son" eventually we both stopped trying and the same lady actually was pouring tea for everyone (it was also a tea shop) and someone asked her "do you have any children?" she replied with "no, I have no children" and I'm just thinking "hol up"

  7. Why would you ask if they can speak English when you could just speak English and if they reply in English you know they speak English …

  8. it is my favorite channel..ben has humor and high quality video making skills. i am just so blessed to watch this! XD Thank u!

  9. 你怎么说你会中文吗那个是你会中文不是英文我要你不来要说英文但是你要说中文呢好好笑啊

  10. Primeiro de tudo eu quero aprender "English" depois "Chinise" ou os dois. Obrigado a vocês por nós ensinar os dois.

  11. oh I will teach you guys a new word ! (diu) say it at hk so every one will know you know chinese


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