How to Say "I Love You" in English | Valentine's Day 馃挊

Wondering how to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day? 馃挒 In this lesson, we’re talking about LOVE! I’ll be sharing some much lovelier ways to express your love in English on St Valentines Day!

Learn the most magical English expressions to share with your lover – and maybe even write them a little English love note! 馃摑馃挊

Plus, I want to hear the beautiful LOVE IDIOMS that you use in your own language to express love – make sure you add them in the comments below! 馃挄

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48 thoughts on “How to Say "I Love You" in English | Valentine's Day 馃挊

  1. What is the most romantic LOVE 馃挄 idiom in your native language!! Comment with the English translation below 馃槉

  2. "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you"馃槏 Mr Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 馃グ

  3. Happy valentine's Emma, I love so much your charisma when you try to deliver us the expressions. Hug from Iraq.

  4. Love is much more than 4 letters
    Love is you love to others what you love to yourself

  5. Hello Emma! Happy Valentine's day!!鈾ワ笍 thank you for this amazing video…

  6. Moi tumak bhal paw khagoror pani jiman…in assamese language
    I love you as much as water into the ocean..
    Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime..

  7. Hello Emma …all the love to you
    Can we say I miss you to the moon and back or we should only use( love )???

  8. Hi Emma.馃憢馃憢馃槝馃槝馃槝
    Happy Valentine's day 馃拹鈿橉煉愷煂桂煉愷煂光櫏锔忊櫏锔忊櫏锔
    Greetings from Southern Chile.
    I love u to the moon and back by the way. Have a nice Friday.

  9. Interesting. But how the phrase "I Love You" if we express to all people that we do not deeply love. Is it strange? Thanks

  10. In Nepali, 啶 啶むた啶啶侧ぞ啶 啶ぞ啶ぞ 啶椸ぐ啷嵿啷 啷

  11. Thanks a million for your explanations! Italians have many problem in understanding also what English mother tongue mean with many different expressions about love… for example would you use "Love you loads" between lovers or friends? What does it mean exactly? 馃挏

  12. meaningful? is one the most under-rated days in the world …just as right now? St Valentine's day is only an underline below a number in the calendar, only an commercial day. Things done only because "this" day, who choose it? for what? those we do this day we can done it for example..everymonth? or so many days across the year? when you feel "special" the moment, the meaning, the way, the ocassion as well as some circumstances, sorroundings or motivations, a lot of things! any day in the year is good for that: make feel sooo special her or you know..and even better!!! becose… will be a sorpress!!! at least, St Valentine only one day, If you ask to me…have to be so much times along the year! However Emma we love ;))))) your videos!!!

  13. Hello Emma I hope you be surrounded with lot of love and happiness. Happy valentine鈥檚 day. Thank you so much for sharing a brilliant lovely lesson.馃尮馃尮

  14. Let me try… I love you! Btw, your makeup is lovely today! 馃グ Mmmm 馃構

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