The only and the best book that I used for preparing for TOEFL –
Teacher (Jonathan), who helped me prepare for TOEFL –
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Use this book for improving your vocabulary for TOEFL –
How to register for TOEFL and report your scores –

The best way to get ready for TOEFL is to spend a couple of weeks learning English in a language school abroad:

I have recently taken TOEFL and scored 117 out of 120. I am originally from Russia and have never lived abroad for a long time, that’s why I decided to share my tips on how to pass TOEFL iBT test and score more than 100. Such score would get you into a top university in the USA or anywhere else where TOEFL is accepted. I share my tips for reading and listening section, I would share more in my next videos. Stay tuned and subscribe!

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Please watch: “HOW I LEARN ENGLISH BY WATCHING TV SHOWS – vocabulary, topics”




  1. hey Linguarmaina.
    I took my test about 20 days ago, and I thought to give feedback now 😛 since, I only watched your and TST Prep videos:
    (I got 112, 30 in reading/listening, 24 in speaking, 28 in writing)
    The best tip you gave, which was super handy on exam day, was to be prepared psychologically. And also, to prepare with a pencil. I did follow those; I took all the sample tests I could find and prepared taking notes with pencils. Psychologically speaking, I took sample tests while siblings were watching tv shows. When I managed to complete the questions within time while in distraction, I knew i was prepared for those sections. The tip you gave was super handy: when you were taking the test, others were registering, so they were very distracting. I was mentally ready for that aspect, so that I would not feel annoyed on the exam day.
    Another very useful tip you gave was that sometimes there is an extra passage for you to read, so be prepared! And I am so glad that I was. When I walked in, I saw someone's screen was at 01:03 timer, which meant 1hour and 3minutes left. Right away I knew that we were having an extra passage (the timer should be 00:54).
    The book reference you gave, it had a great tip for reading. Read the first line from every paragraph, and then proceed to solve questions one by one. Some really good practice exercises too. Basically, that also helped.

    Feedback on templates: I did not use any of those through out the exams. In writing, I got 28. But I do know why, I went off topic. GUYS, FOCUS. I panicked when I saw what I was writing about and what the topic was! So, I really had a hard time connecting my current ideas with the topic so that I would not fall short of words. In the end, I managed to get 400 words. But it was not coherent. Grammar + some good vocab + 2 idioms were included. I believe that is the reason that I still got a good writing score.

    However, that speaking hack can no more be used. When you get your break, you are not allowed to enter back before the 10 minutes are passed (that is how it was at my center). After the 10 minutes, they let you enter; they take notes of your away and entrance time, and the system notes how much delay you had in starting your exam. So, do not eavesdrop! Also, while you are in your listening section, there is a good chance that someone is ahead of you and at the speaking section, which is distracting too: I had the opportunity to listen to the those were taking the speaking test, but chose to not do it. With the changes to the 6 questions, it is no more required to lose focus from your listening section.
    In the end, thanks for your videos. They were great help. All the tips were great.

  2. Can you make a subtitles to your was more than attractive and easily understanding with ourselves as well as it was very useful for beginners.

  3. you all americans, british or whoever you are listen: ENGLISH IS NOT EVERYONE'S NATIVE LAUNGUAGE! stop comment on her account cuz maybe you can't speak another launguage and she can do it very well so shut up

  4. I think, focusing on the vocabulary of TOEFL's test is one the most important things, why, because when you know well a vocabulary of a topic you are able to "assemble" phrases or thoughts easily, quickly and stress-free. Let's do it.

  5. why do you look to the left every few seconds? and right then the video has a cut, are you reading the test that others gave you?

  6. Hello!
    Iam just in 5th grade! I got 100 in toefl ibt!
    I am korean! I hope alot of people all around the world could have good score in toefl ibt! I am taking toefl today too. Wish me a luck?

  7. Do you have any the method of memorizing the words? there are lots of words in TOEFL

  8. Thank you so much! I followed your tips and got 103 from 120, more than I was expecting!

  9. Students around the world should unite and start boycotting this kind of testing. It's all just a huge money making machine that should be replaced by a test that actually evaluates your language skills, not your abilities to memorize some templates like a robot and then pay some ridiculous amount of money to have a computer listen to it.

  10. Hey, nice video, love your energie ! Thanks for your advices. You have a gap between your talking and the sound in the last part of the video 🙂

  11. Марина, здравствуйте, меня зовут Дарья и мне 14 лет, я думаю на счёт поступления в университет США, как вы думаете, с чего надо начать подготовку к языковым и предметным экзаменам? Я думаю начать с прокачки уровня английского, но достаточно ли только этого? Есть ли шансы сдать этот экзамен русскоговорящему человеку без помощи репетиторов, буду благодарна, если вы в скором времени сможете мне ответить❤️

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