In this lesson, you’ll learn how to speak fast in English WITHOUT compromising your clarity. I will also talk about the difference between GOOD fast and BAD fast speech,
and how by applying the three points I teach you in the video you can master American rhythm and intonation.
#AmericanAccent #FastSpeech #AmericanIntonation

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Questions you probably want to ask me:
?️Are you a native speaker? NO
?Where are you from? Tel-Aviv, Israel (I speak Hebrew)
❓ How did you lose your accent? I learned acting in NYC and acquired an #AmericanAccent. So I never really lost anything;) I talk about it here:
? How can I speak like a native speaker?
First, you need to decide what your goals are. Are you looking to lose your accent so people won’t recognize that you’re not a native speaker? Or you simply want to speak with clarity and confidence?
Whatever it is, you need to know that a foreign accent is not a bad thing. It’s a part of your identity. Of who you are. Your goal should be to sound clear and get people to do what you want them to do. You want to feel confident in your English voice so that you never let your English hold you back or prevent you from achieving your goals. Aiming to ‘speak like a native’ creates an unfair expectation of yourself and can make you feel like you’re never good enough. #CommunicationOverPerfection #speaklikeyourself

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The SCHWA (the key to American Pronunciation):
Th made Simple:
The American R:

?What’s the worst thing about traditional English training?
It’s taught as if everyone has the name needs, and it was created by Native speakers. So the focus is on getting the right answers, and how it ‘should’ be rather than understanding the challenges we face as nonnative speakers.

??Do native speakers think you are American?
They usually do. But later in the conversation, they may detect a subtle accent. It depends on what I’m talking about and how tired I am. I don’t care about it too much though, I’m a proud non-native speaker ✊
????What do you think about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? I think land is not worth dying or fighting for. I will always promote peace and co-existence. And for me, communication in English is a way to overcome political and cultural barriers.
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  1. So…. Are you a GOOD fast speaker or a BAD fast speaker?
    Also, leave a comment and tell me – out of everything that I talked about in the video, what is that one thing that you are going to apply right away to improve your clarity and speech in English?

  2. As a Brazilian Portuguese speaker, it is easy for me to notice our main struggles: because the "schwa" is quite hard for us to pronounce, when we speak English, "of" sounds as "off", "on" sounds as "own", "to" sounds as "two", "it" sounds as "eat", "and" sounds as "end". We are a mess, lol.

  3. Overwhelming explanation !!! Tremendous teacher !!!! Greetings from the country of lakes and volcanoes…

  4. Nossa toda vez que eu tento aprender inglês eu desisto.esse ano eu falei sério determinado e vou aprender. Meu Deus que vídeo ótimo mas ao mesmo tempo quando eu vejo um vídeo desses, tenho certeza de que esta cada vez mais distante o sonho de aprender esse inglês fantástico. Parabéns pelo canal.

  5. I think it will be easier through listening much more yet your video is awesome and great.

  6. This is what I struggle with most. First time I I heard things like wudda gonna gotta wanna it was confusing

  7. Dear Hadar, great video. You're wonderful.
    But, Can you tell me How do you learn much vocabulary?

    When you say a phrase sounds great, but I don't understand anything, if not is for the subtittles (in english, of course).
    then I think, "Hadar says …" "OK, it's what I think it is"

    I don't know if you understand me $:

    Sometimes I think about give up and work in another thing.

    I feel frustrated. I want to learn english only by hobby, not by obligation.

    Sorry for my speech.

    And thanks for everything.

  8. I consider this video the most interesting one about fast speaking and I hope to see more in the same field

  9. Here it’s clear to you, and when niggas talk fast it’s not clear

  10. La bonitura y la claritividad de este vídeo es para que cualquier persona tenga un entendimiento completivo ?

  11. This video is incredible, because is important emphasize that the life is not a competition for speak faster, it's the opposite in the real life who win is the person that is totally understanding, so, improve your skills and able for make your communication more clearly and effective!

  12. I really love your videos. I wanna be a fast speaker 😉 hugs from Mexico.

  13. Ahhh I love this videos!! They're so useful! I recebtly started a channel of videogames and had a lot of struggle with tongue muscles because I stressed all words together. Has been very helpful!

  14. Hi from Montpellier in France and my problem to speak fluent Engludh !
    Your three points are absolutely usefull for me. I 'l stop trying to increase the speed when i speak. My tongue will thank you so much !!!
    If i can practice so.


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