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In today’s lesson I’m going to give you four important tips for speaking English faster. A lot of English learners notice that native English speakers tend to speak fast, so they think that speaking faster will help their English sound more fluent. But you have to be careful – it can be dangerous to try to speak very fast in English if you don’t follow these tips.



  1. I am very happy to see the video because I am take a lot of information of this video thanks

  2. Hi man Im indian l know many enlish word but i not speak clear enghlish please lead me

  3. I'm a Spanish-argetinian self-taught English speaker. I watched this video and it automatically reminded me of one of Nicki Minaj' songs – I B On That – in which, well, she makes this statement: "everything these bitches' doing I already did it". It doesn't make much sense what the teacher in video above is saying. Sometimes, sped up talking is just a thing of personality. I do it myself. I tend to speak really fast, and over the years I've improved a lot – which happened for being self-taught and speaking it all the time 24/7. This video is really confusing for people who are having a bad time when trying to level up their fluency in speaking. Dislike.

  4. Little bit weird your face but really easy to learn with you. You reminds me my English teachers when I had 10 years

  5. As a native English speaker, I've been coincidentally doing the 4th tip of imitating other native English speakers.

  6. my problem is when i speak fast people don't understand me

  7. Hi, teacher! how's it goig!?
    by the way, the must difficult words to pronouce is:
    These words is to me a nightmare!!

  8. i love hearing people who speak fast it's awesome speaking fast shows thought speed


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