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  1. For me be fluently is speak without translate all my Spanish to English that is my goal

  2. I can speak English without stopping, and understand any any conversation and read any textbook, articles and use phrasal verbes in my talk.

  3. I will be fluent in English when i can express my feelings and communicate with Americans how fast they speak..and read stories without undelining many words and going back to dictiionary..fluency does not mean understanding each word or expression because I am not like this in arabic..but please can you tell me how much out of ten in English do you give me since I understood everything you said withiut مجاملة؟

  4. Am I the only one who put the vid on speed x2 because it’s too easy to understand her on the normal speed ?

  5. Fluency for me that I can understand native and I can communicate that natives and others understand me.

  6. Well, according to me , fluency is to say anything or any language without being afraid and to say anything with confidence . Seriously, you're great. I like your suggestions.

  7. You are right . I wanna be able to speak english without hesitation. But first of all I wanna have native english acent(sorry my writing is not well). It's very important for me

  8. For me fluency is being able to influence people to listen to my arguments mostly in a business environment.

  9. I think fluency means speaking fast with much different vocab with the right pronounciation

  10. Well I think the definition for me about fluency is to correctly and confidently to describe what I think and let listeners to know what I'm thinking

  11. Can you please tell me how i can stop jumbling words up while speaking fast english? I sometimes can't help blubbering while speaking quick english.

    P.S- Btw I love your lessons and I always look up to you whenever I find any fault in my english speaking skills…your lessons are amazing and so are you.

  12. i will be fluent when i can understand from english speakers, speak everything i want, everone can understand me and i can think in english like i do in my mother language

  13. for me fuency is u can think and speak in english without translating like my native language

  14. Fluency means to speak something smoothly,& without stucking in any language whatever I wanna speak. Like wanna be fluent in English.. that's why I wanna learn English as soon as possible.

  15. Being fluent for me is to be able to speak without stopping to think what to say, and to make my idea reach other people and let them understand it.

  16. I would say fluency means you can speak English confidently. You can express anything that you want to share without any hesitation that you maybe commit grammar mistake. And I want to be like that. I want to speak with confidence. This is my goal. I can do this. I will.


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