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Do you want to learn how to speak English like a native American speaker?

This video, created by world-renowned professional speaker, Simon Leung, introduces the true power behind how to achieve native-level fluency in the English language.

For anyone who is interested to sound more native or even learn how to speak with an American accent, Simon Leung provides 6 preliminary tips on sounding more American in your everyday conversations with friends and family.

You will learn and be entertained as Simon Leung reveals his tips, including real examples that includes the secrets behind American pronunciation, intonation (AKA syllables), vocabulary, grammar, word linking (connected speech), and word reductions.

As a bonus tip, Simon Leung also shares some of the top American slangs and slang phrases used by American natives, and by using them yourself in your own daily conversations, you will also end up sounding more like an American native English speaker.

Since this is an introduction to many of these strategies, and a lot more lessons are needed to help you improve your level of English language speaking, Simon Leung has announced that he will be releasing a series of additional videos to provide you with even more valuable tips on how to speak English fluently, confidently and properly.

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“English Fluency Secrets” is an 8-week program created by Simon Leung that mentors students to speak American English fluently, confidently and properly like a native speaker.

Interested students can meet Simon Leung to learn from him personally, as well as take advantage of a FREE trial lesson for any aspiring fluent English speaker.

The “English Fluency Secrets” community also consists of fellow English learners of Simon Leung who are striving for the same goals, and welcome all students from any background, culture and experience levels.

Professionals, retirees, young adults, students and children of all ages would benefit from this “English Fluency Secrets” course created by Simon Leung, as all content includes relevant techniques, cultural relevance, and are 100% family friendly.

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Simon Leung is a world-renowned Internet entrepreneur, award-winning professional speaker, International best-selling author, online business trainer, corporate consultant, native English mentor and language fluency coach.

With over 20 years of entrepreneurship experience, Simon Leung takes the rank among some of the top veterans in the business, marketing and business industry, having personally trained and mentored many of the existing successful entrepreneurs.

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