How to speak English like a native speaker?

This is an English pronunciation lesson. You will learn a sound in the English language that native speakers use all the time. To speak English fluently and confidently like a native, you must learn how to use this sound correctly.

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  1. Could you make a video about pronunciation of alphabets with tongue position explanation please?

  2. Sir, your work is awesome. Please make videos for correct the spelling which words are very common in IELTS, such as countries names, subjects, places, business vocabulary etc, because when we check our answer, we got the word but with a spelling mistake. Make a massive exercise and focus only on spellings as you made video on names. Thanks. Waiting for your response.

  3. Hi, Andrew! Thanks for your fantastic video! Can I ask something? I don't know how to use "I see", "I've got it", "I get it" and "I understand". Could you explain what is different?

  4. thanks brother please PDF my phone whats app 8085859435 India chhattisgarh so very good


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