Learn how to speak English without fear and stress. Today I share my #1 TIP for how to overcome fear and become a fluent English speaker.

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  1. Special for me, my favorite English learning YouTuber and my favorite country CR

  2. I like your teaching very much ma'am. you are awesome!
    Thanks to myself to visit in this channel
    I use to talk in english with my students during teaching them…
    I love and really like your expressions…..
    I am from India and a big fan of you….??

  3. Hello from Japan! This video was very helpful!! Thank you so much, Vanessa. ☺️❤️

  4. I love your class a lot. Became a fan after watching a video accidentally. I am a teacher too, but not in English. Thank you so much. Your smile is so beautiful.

  5. I always speak English when I am angry ?and when am about to speak to my boss and I even practice it before I go to business meetings

  6. Hi, i'm looking for partner to practise speaking english everyday. Anyone here interested? ☹️ I'd be so thankful if anyone interested in helping me.

  7. Vanessa, I have a challenging question for you. I do use English at work, and I have no problem to use it on the street and almost any kind of situation. But when I record myself and listen to my recordings, I do find it wrong on so many levels. Speed, wordings, extra sounds that I producing, it sounds so bad and yet no one complained or have a problem understanding me. Even when I compare what I can wright to what I just sad it like two different people. Another thing is the vocabulary I use during conversation utterly different than I use while writing. One of the adjustments makes it better, is when I deliberately slow down my speech. Still, this is not enough and I need other options because I found that my native speech similar in the way I do use it. It seems to speak with a similar style, speed, and patterns no matter what language I use.

  8. Hello, Vanessa! It was my first video which I watched from your channel and I wanna say you thanks for your methods!


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