Learn how to have fast speech like a native English speaker! ?Use daily English reductions like gonna, wanna, hafta, and gotta to sound natural when you speak.

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  1. Hi Vanessa, ok, so this is what I've heard from some of my co-workers. Instead of saying I'm gonna go, they say "ama go" for example: ama go ask him. Instead of: I'm gonna go ask him.
    What do you think about this?

  2. I gonna speak english fluently along this year so i hafta hustle and tryna find a partner to practice speaking more and more

  3. you,re my favorite among the teachers online. i,ve subscribed already. From Philippines

  4. Wow ma'am you are good teacher to me ,,now I got you ma'am , I need your help ,I want to talk with you ma'am in English please ma'am , have Marcy on me ,,,, ,I don't have atmosphere that's why I remain upset ,, it's my request to you ,, ma'am please call me my no is this 8868899064

  5. Hi, Vanessa. I wake up in the moring. The first thing, on Youtube, is to learn English with you.

  6. really very helpful video for everyone student, you are best teacher in the world.

  7. Thank you teacher….! We understood that reduction is going all together with groupings words.

  8. I'm gotta go to an interview in a call center ? that's why I have to study every day ? so thanks for the lessons


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