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If you can’t speak English fluently, keep reading to understand why, and discover the simple secret to finally expressing yourself clearly, confidently and automatically.

English learners all over the world experience the same basic frustrations:

They have to translate ideas from their native language into English in their heads before they speak.

They need to think about grammar rules, and make mistakes when speaking.

They forget new vocabulary, and have trouble finding the right words to say in conversations.

They’re often not understood because of their poor pronunciation or use of incorrect words.

And they sometimes don’t understand the fast speech, difficult accents or conversational vocabulary of native English speakers.

Over time, these lead to a loss of confidence, a fear of speaking and many missed opportunities.

So, why do so many learners experience these problems, and never become successful communicators? It’s because of how they learn English.

From their very first lesson, non-native beginners study English the traditional way:

They learn English through their native language, so they translate words and phrases instead of understanding their meanings directly.

They’re introduced to new words and grammar rules with textbooks, but aren’t trained to remember and use what they learn without hesitation when they speak.

They study the formal English appropriate for writing, but not the slang, idioms and cultural references found in actual conversations.

They rarely practice speaking, and because they only hear slow, clear English in listening practice exercises, they never develop smooth pronunciation, or the ears to understand fast native speakers.

Intermediate students who have only learned to read, write and understand slow, clear speakers try to teach themselves conversational English with TV shows, movies, podcasts and music. This casual, normal English is great content to study, but its fast speech, slang, idioms, incorrect grammar, jokes, sarcasm, cultural references, and incomplete sentences are just too overwhelming and difficult for most learners when all together.

Ultimately, after years of lessons and struggle, most students either never learn conversational English, or they learn it the wrong way.

The good news is that if you can read English and understand this video, you’re incredibly close to becoming a fluent speaker!

All you have to do to get from where you are now to where you want to be is study native, conversational English in simple, easy steps. That’s it!

By learning this way…

You’re studying the right material, but aren’t confused by too much information at the same time
You’re well prepared to understand even fast English in real situations
And you move quickly from struggling student to successful speaker

We call this powerful learning method the Fluency Bridge, and it’s the foundation of a revolutionary fluency training program called Master English Conversation.

You CAN become a successful English speaker!

Even if you don’t live in an English speaking country.

No matter how old you are.

And regardless of how many times you’ve been unsuccessful in the past.

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  1. Actually i can think in English but when i have to count numbers with a high speed, my native language pops out again

  2. This sounds like me and I’m an English speaker…. anything for me? It kills literally every conversation and cause me to have this fear of speaking

  3. Fuck you for taking advantage to people who really want to learn

  4. I agree totally. Thats how I learned the most. Also watching DVDs in english all the time. Using every chance to speak or listen to english, no matter if I understood the language it helped me to get more confident with it

  5. I speak English but I can't speak properly like I always hesitate, blurt out wrong words.

  6. You didn't give an example, so I don't know i want to buy it or not. I need to know what exactly I gonna get. 🙁 Provide short example please.

  7. Walk and talk with The White man burden and put their shoes in our feet, what i am thinking is the only solution of this problem……

  8. Funny thing is that i kept watching it until the end. I learned nothing. LoL. Advertisement.

  9. I have a hard time articulating words and pronouncing them as fluently as I'd like but i do understand everything and speak in English as if is my native language… it probably is my native language but yea

  10. If you want to become fluent in English move to English speaking country live there for 20 years and it's done .

  11. I’m being introvert because I can’t speak in English fluently. I want to speak English everyday but I got no friends to speak with. ? anyone ?

  12. En resumen olvídate del español y comienza a ver simple conversaciones, historias, cuentos, programas y lo conseguiras sólo si y sólo si, entendiste el vídeo que viste a un 70℅ or 65 y palanteeee

  13. Im good ib wrting.. But sometimes get confused the moment i start to talk… I love listening who people who speaks fluently … Eish to learn how to speak well .

  14. if l speak fluncely English then l was not do it that's why my shyness or mistake some words then l was not comeback to the point plz say something about my problem? ??

  15. Is anyone ready to talk with me….Just want to develop my speaking skills….You know am ready to pay .Cos…No free lunch

  16. Hi! Is there anybody wants to practice english with me? Only female if possible. . I can speak but not very well.. I'm a filipina and currently living here in Saudi Arabia I got frustrated because dealing with Arabic and english language at the same time is too much for me.. please message me on Facebook Jamilla Rascate is my name. Thanks

  17. The simple way to fluent in english. What you have to do, simply memories full sentance. A single sentance in a day, reapeat that sentance again and again. I bet you will be fluent.


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