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How to speak Fluent English like a Native Speaker? | English Pronunciation & Accent Training to speak clearly

Hey English learners, you are looking for answers on how to speak fluent English like a Native speaker? OR how do I improve my English pronunciation and accent? Then, you have just clicked the right English lesson. In this English pronunciation and accent training video, you will learn 6 simple ways to improve your English pronunciation and speak English like an American or British native speaker. Your English teacher, Michelle has explained in detail, the fundamentals of word stress, syllable stress and shadowing technique also know as imitation technique to learn English faster, which would help you speak English like a native speaker. So, sit back and watch the complete lesson as you are about to learn simple tips on how to speak English fluently and confidently like an American or British. These tips and tricks to learn spoken English would also help you understand native English speakers which would help your learn English fast and be confident at English conversations.

You are watching this English lesson On Let’s Talk – Free English lessons. This is a free YouTube resource to learn English quickly and easily. We have more than 1200+ free English learning videos to teach you all aspects of the English language so that you could speak English fluently and confidently. Access our huge library of free English speaking lessons covering a range of topics such as – Grammar, English conversation, Tips on How to speak English, How to build vocabulary, learn new words, Communication skills, English sentence practice and much more.

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  1. You are very adorable mam,I forgot to learn English…..?
    I love yr expression….I will learn English fastly more than an offline tutor…..Thnx?

  2. Mam,you video is very helpful to me,thankyou so much
    We love your style to teach.

  3. Your way of teaching and speaking is mind blowing..actually
    You leaves a long lasting impact on the viewers of your video.. U impressed by your hypnotic and charming personality.. The time when you teaches makes me spellbound.. And hypnotised me for the moment you teach..thanks for this beautiful and hypnotic class. You are such a beautiful and charming with a beautiful brain..i bet anyone who will watch your videos he will earn A lot in his knowledge dictionary.. And he or she will surely impressed by the way of your a cheerful and a beautiful teacher.. Thnku once again and keep smiling and be cheerful and thank you for your precious help or so called marg you a lot..God bless you

  4. Bitch you still sound like a pure indian…
    And I bet Michelle ain't your real name.. shame on you


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