Most of you know how to read and write English, but when you have to speak especially in front of an audience you end up getting stuck. Many of you guys, fumble for words or cant keep your regional language influence at bay.Speaking good English is a way forward for all of us at least here in India. I found myself struggling with Hindi in a similar fashion when i started working in a Hindi news Channel first as a producer and then later as an Presenter. I could read and write but couldn`t speak fluent Hindi. What I learnt the with Hindi, could be applied to English as well. In this video i talk about haow you can learn to be fluent and confident while speaking in English. Speak fast and speak easy, without hesitating.
I am Dhanya Varma, I am a talk show host based in Kochi, Kerala.
Here I talk about my journey and share tricks/tips for you to help you learn to effectively communicate in a language that you find yourself struggling with.
All languages can be learnt and you can be proficient in it, provided you keep an open mind.

balance work and family series
part 4:

part 3 :

part 2:

part 1:

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