How to speak native English fluently | Speak American Accent & British accent Training by M. Akmal

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Let’s learn How to speak native English fluently anywhere! M. Akmal in this video is telling about some tips about to speak native English fluently or speak English like American and British people. Take this British accent Training to speak like English people. If you want to learn how to speak American accent fluently, then go for free accent training video my Muhammad Akmal.
Here you will learn Blasting rules in English with Muhammad Akmal. Where the English alphabets blast? Here is a list of words containing English consonants, in which sound of consonants (C, K, P, Q and T) blasts while speaking in English, there are three rules for them:
Rule No. 1: When they (C, K, P, Q and T) come at the start of any word.
Rule No. 2: When they (C, K, P, Q and T) are coming immediate before a vowel
Rule No. 3: When they (C, K, P, Q and T) are coming at the end of a particular word in a sentence and the next word is starting from Vowel.
How to speak English fluently in days? The skill sets has complete solution. Here English professionals train you how to learn English easily. Watch free spoken English training videos and enjoy English speaking like native English. On the skill sets English accent videos are best for those who are seeking to learn American of British accent.

America accent learn from urdu hindi on the skill sets channel and speak English professionally.

With the skill sets team, you can learn English free via highly professional, but very simple English videos daily. Don’t worry, if you are not familiar with spoken English rules; just take English Spoken Course and learn English.

Our Spoken English Course is also good for those who don’t have enough English knowledge.

On the skill sets channel, you can take american accent training free with Muhammad Akmal.

Are you weak in English writing? Don’t worry! Watch free English Writing Training videos or take Basic English grammar videos and make writing skills strong.

if you want to learn English free then watch our english learning videos for speaking english fluently and easily.

How can i speak English like native speaker; it will be no more a question for you if you attend Muhammad Akaml’s English native speaker conversation lectures on YouTube channel.

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