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Lesson 1: Plosive T.
Lesson 1 original video:
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Lesson 2: Plosive D.
Lesson 2 original video:
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Lesson 3: Plosive K.
Lesson 3 original video:
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Lesson 4: Plosive G.
Lesson 4 original video:
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Lesson 5: Plosive P.
Lesson 5 original video:
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Lesson 6: Plosive B.
Lesson 6 original video:
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Teaching-related info:

My CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults):

I am a member of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). I take professional development seriously, that’s why I take an active part in teachers’ training programs.

There, I discuss issues my students encounter on their ways to raise their level of English proficiency, and my fellow teachers serve as a reliable source of solving them.

Thanks to this community engagement, I make sure the best world resources for both acquiring and learning the language are utilized in my class.

P B K G T D are plosive sounds in English language. There are some differences between American way of pronouncing them and the British English style. How to speak in British English you will learn while watching this video lesson. Start now!



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