How to start a conversation

How to start a conversation

How to start a conversation

Meeting new people can be a challenge – so we’ve got some great tips to help you start a conversation, and keep it going!

Say hello!

There’s no perfect way to start a conversation: the best tip we can offer is to be yourself, and be confident.

In most cases, the type of conversation you have will depend on where you are, and what you have in common with the people around you.

Of course, you will probably start with a greeting:

‘Hi my name is Jason.’

Sometimes you can begin by asking the person a very general question or offering a compliment:

Hello, I love your red shoes. Where did you get them?

Is that a new camera? It looks amazing.

Or you could ask about the weather, or something taking place nearby:

It’s so hot today. How are you coping with the heat?

I’m so sick of this rain. Is it always like this here in winter?

Whatever your opening line, be brave and have a go. Remember not every conversation has to lead to friendship. Sometimes a small interaction, like asking for directions or offering a compliment, can help you feel more confident. And if the conversation doesn’t go well, don’t worry about it. There are lots of other people you can talk to, so try again with someone else!

Look around

If you are at an event, like a party, a dinner or a concert, you already have something in common with the people around you.

You can start a conversation with a question related to the event:

Have you seen this band play before?

Have you tried the birthday cake, it’s delicious!

How do you know [the person hosting the party]?

Or you can start with a fact about yourself, then follow with a question:

This is the first Australian rules football game I’ve ever been to! Who do you think will win?

If you’re at work or school together, this is also a good starting place for a conversation.

This is my first day here, could you help me to find my lecture theatre?

What subjects are you studying this year?

How long have you worked here?

Can you recommend anywhere good to eat around here?


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