It’s very motivating to keep a record of what you’ve accomplished.
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Today I’m giving you tip #5 on how to stay motivated when you’re learning English. This is something very practical and if you do it, you will find it very helpful and encouraging.

Tip #5 – Keep A Record Of Your Progress (Success Journal)

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Get a notebook, and after every study session write down the date and a summary of “what I learned today.” This results in three things:

1) the act of writing it down helps reinforce it in your memory;

2) seeing the notebook fill up with knowledge encourages you that you are learning a lot and making progress;

3) having the notebook makes it easy to go back and review things you’ve studied previously.

This is something that every English student at any level can do, and you can start today.

Another great way to add some structure to your studies is to take a course, so you know that you’re making progress and learning and improving your skills lesson by lesson. My courses and e-books are well-organized and designed to build up your vocabulary, speaking skills, grammar, and much more. You can learn more and join my courses by clicking on the link in the video or in the description.

OK, now go get a notebook, label it your success journal, and write down what you learned today! I hope it becomes a daily habit for you.

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