How to Stay Motivated to Learn English

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How can learning English be more inspiring?

Learning English can be hard and tiring so you need a way to stay motivated and excited about your studies. Gabby shares three tips.

TIP 1:

Choose material that will be meaningful to you.

Most textbooks won’t be very inspiring. They focus too much on grammar and language rules and not what you can do with the language. Find topics that are interesting to you and topics that will hold your focus.

This will keep you from getting bored with your studies.

Also, choose materials that you are comfortable with and materials that are challenging. Maintaining this diversity will help improve your language skills at a much faster pace.

TIP 1:

Set a clear goal.

Setting goals gives you motivation. When you keep one eye on your progress and one eye on where you want to be in language proficiency, it’s easier to get excited about achieving your own unique idea fluency.

TIP 3:

Use English to help others

It is incredibly motivating to be able to use your language skills to help others. Just imagine the gratification when you can share and connect with another person.

Use these three tips and hopefully learning English will be a much happier experience.

How do you want to make a difference with English?

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