How to Use English Idioms | Weather Idioms ☀️?⚡️?

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This English video lesson will show you how to use my favourite English ‘Weather’ Idioms!
Idioms are difficult to learn because the meaning of an idiom is different to the individual meaning of each word in the idiom!
This video will help you learn and practice some new English idioms, including:
– To feel under the weather
– When it rains, it pours
– Every cloud has a silver lining
– Get wind
– Come rain or shine
– Have your head in the clouds
– Lightning fast
– Take a raincheck
– Brighten up (your) day

Read the full transcript to this video on my blog:

PLEASE NOTE: I’m sorry! There is a small ‘typo’ (spelling mistake) for the idiom ‘lightning fast’! This idiom uses the word ‘lightning’ ⚡️ (a noun) NOT ‘lightening’ (which is a verb)!! Sorry, my mistake! ?

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