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In this video, Alisha answers 5 questions.
– How can I say these kinds of things naturally? 01991: “zero one double nine one” or “zero one nine nine one”
– Could you tell me when to spin words and when not to? For example: When to use “king of the jungle” and when “jungle king”? Both are correct?
– How to use It’s and Its ? What are abstract nouns, and how are they different from non-abstract nouns?
– My question is: What do adults call their mothers and fathers in the US? Is it “mom and dad” or their parents’ names?
– How do natives pronounce ‘What do we do now’, I may hear ‘whuh er wee do now’. Do you do that as well?

You’ve got questions about life in the United States, American culture, or any English related questions you don’t want to sift through textbooks for the answer? Your favourite English teacher Alisha takes the questions you’ve been asking and lay them out in an easy-to-follow format. Turn those question marks into exclamation points and get on with your English study. Interact with Alisha to clear up any confusion you have or just satisfy your curiosity. Not only you’ll be able to send questions but also power up your language with your free lifetime account. Learning English is made easy for you.

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