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Inside the Body – Simple Anatomy

bladderThe organ inside the body of a person, where urine is stored before it leaves the body.bladder
boneThe hard parts inside a human or animal that make up its frame.Bone
brainThe organ inside the head that controls thought, memory, feelings and activity.brain
digestive systemThe organs in your body that digest food.digestion
earThe ear is made up of three different sections: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. These parts all work together so you can hear and process sounds.ear
eye‘The eyes takes in information about the world around you – shapes, colours, movement, and more. Then they send the information to your brain.eye
heartThe heart sends blood around the body. The blood provides oxygen and nutrients to the body.heart
kidneyOne of the main jobs of the kidneys is to filter the waste out of the blood.kidney
liverA large organ in the body which cleans the blood and produces bile (a bitter yellow liquid which helps to digest fat).liver
lungsThe lungs are one of the largest organs in the body, they work with the respiratory system to take in fresh air, and get rid of stale air.lungs
mouthThe opening in the face which consists of the lips and the space between them, or the space behind which contains the teeth and the tongue.mouth
skeletonThe frame of bones that support the body.skeleton
spineThe line of bones down the centre of the back that provides support for the body.vertebra
teethThe hard white objects in the mouth, which are used for biting and chewing.teeth
tooth(see above)teeth
urinary tractThe parts of the body which produce and carry urine.urinary tract

Naturally Speaking

If your head hurts:“I’ve got a headache.” or “My head aches.”
If your stomach hurts:“I’ve got stomach ache.” or “My stomach aches.”
If your back hurts:“I’ve got backache.” or “My back aches.”
If your neck hurts:“I’ve got neckache.” or “”My neck aches.”
If other parts of your body hurt:“I’ve got a pain in my arm / leg etc.”


Listening Practise:-

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It’s Monday morning and Mr Smith has gone to see the doctor.

Doctor:Hello Mr Smith. We haven’t seen you in a while. What seems to be the problem?
Mr SmithWell, I fell off the ladder whilst I was decorating and hurt my ankle. It swelled up and hasn’t gone down since.
Doctor:OK – let’s have a look, take off your shoe and sock and roll up your trouser leg.

(Examines ankle)

Ah yes, I think we had better send you to the hospital to get this X-rayed. You may have broken a bone.

Mr Smith:What? You’re joking! No wonder it hurts so much.


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