English learning isn’t as easy as abc i can understand the problem of english learners, Once i was in your shoes. In your shoes! What does this mean? What am i talking about? This is the forte of idioms you can sound as a fluent speaker. 

What is idiom?

An expression whose meaning is totally different from the meaning of individual words in it. 

As i mentioned in my previous post that idioms make you conversation more appealing than usual. Native speakers have wide variety of idioms in order to understand them and be a part of their conversation we have to have idiom vocabulary to gain fluency in english. You can express a lot by using short few words. There are different categories of idioms such as; personality describing idioms, food idioms, animal idioms, body idioms and many. In your spoken english idioms can help you to sound fluent they could be negative, they could be positive and others are neutral. 

Idioms prettify your english speaking. It’s equally adorn your written and spoken english. I learned so many different kinda idioms throughout my english learning journey and i still, as we all know english doesn’t have an ending point. So keep learning keep upgrading to be a better version of yourself.

So today let’s learn some character and personality describing idioms to be fluent in english.

1. Dark horse 

A person who has greater abilities than he shows.

Example- Hey, Can you play the guitar you didn’t tell me before. You are such a dark horse.

2. Busybody

A person who likes to know about other’s personal and professional life or interfere in other’s life.

Example- She keeps on prying in our house. She is busybody body i don’t wanna be her friend.

3. Pain in the neck

Irritating and annoying person.

Example- John has become pain in the neck these days.

4. Party animal

A person who loves to attend parties.

Example- Are you going to attend party again? I have to say you are a party animal.

5. Party pooper

A person who doesn’t like to do parties often and ruins the fun of the party.

Example- Why are you asking him over for our party. You know that he is a party pooper.

6. Slave driver

A person who makes other person work very hard.

Example- Sometimes, My brother acts like a slave driver. It exasperates me.

7. Lone wolf

A person who prefers to stay alone and doesn’t like to socialize with others.

Example- He has become a lone wolf since his wife has passed away.

8. Spoilsport

A person who ruins other’s people fun by setting into in other’s people personal things.

Example- It’s your trip after your wedding i don’t wanna be a spoilsport between of you, so that’s why i am not coming along with you guys.

9. Good egg

A good and nice person.

Example- I can trust him. We have been together for so long he is a good egg.

10. Bright spark

A clever person.

Example- My friend nancy is a bright spark. I don’t think so you can deal with her.

11. Smart cookie

An intelligent and smart person. 

Example- Sarah is a smart cookie. She will negotiate with these american customers.

12. A social butterfly

A person who loves to socialize with people.

Example- I think you should go with my mum she can interact with anyone after all she is a social butterfly.

13. Easygoing

A person who is open minded and friendly.

Example- I can share anything with my husband. He is an easygoing personality.

14. Cold fish

A person who has little emotion and as regarded a stone- hearted. 

Example- He is a cold fish, when her wife was weeping before him he acted like that he couldn’t care less. 

15. Wet blanket

A person who ruins other’s fun by staying pessimist and by talking negative things.

Example- Why were you wet blanket in yesterday’s function? 

16. Early bird

A person who wakes up early and does his all work before the usual time.

Example- My mum is a early bird. She wakes up 5 o’clock in the morning.

17. Chatterbox

A person who talks a lot.

Example- I am reticent whereas my sister is a chatterbox.

18. Big mouth

Someone who is not able to keep a secret.

Example- She had spilled the beans in front of my brother i didn’t know she is big mouth.

19. Daydreamer

A person who has dreamlike thoughts when he should be stay in the present.

Example- My next door neighbour is a daydreamer she zones out in her thoughts while taking to everyone.

20. Rough diamond

Someone who seems impolite and not educated but who has a kind heart and good character. 

Example- Don’t judge him so quickly maybe he was uncomfortable in your first meeting because as far as i know he is a rough diamond.

Use these idioms in your conversation and make your spoken english Vibrant.

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