IELTS Speaking Mock Test – Band 8

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to score a Band 8 in the IELTS speaking exam?

Well, now you don’t have to!

Last week, my friend Rashmi was kind enough to let me film a full-length mock speaking test with her under IELTS exam conditions.

She recently scored a Band 8 in her IELTS speaking exam, and we couldn’t wait to see whether she could do it all over again!

I know this video will give many of you the insight and motivation you need to finally get your dream score for IELTS speaking. In this full-length mock exam, we’ll cover:

0:20 – Part One
3:44 – Part Two
6:26 – Part Three
9:55 – Feedback

Make sure to watch until the very end where I’ll give Rashmi detailed feedback on the four criteria that the examiner will use to mark YOUR speaking test:

1. Pronunciation
2. Lexical Resource
3. Grammatical Range and Accuracy
4. Fluency and Coherence

What did you think of Rashmi’s score? Did it surprise you?

Let me know in the comments below!



Describe the type of clothing that you like to wear.

You should discuss:

What is it?
Why do you like it?
Where do you buy it?
How does it make you feel?


What to expect in the IELTS speaking test:

🎙️ Part 1 is all about YOU.

The examiner will ask you everyday questions about your life. Common topics for Part 1 include your job or studies, your hometown and your family. This will last around 4 minutes.

📄 Part 2 is sometimes called the ‘long turn’.

The examiner will give you a cue card with a given topic on it, alongside key points for you to discuss. You will also be given 1 minute to make some notes and prepare your answer and then you will be asked to speak for up to 2 minutes.

💡 Part 3 is more abstract.

This is your opportunity to develop your answers and discuss the issues brought up by the examiner. This section will be related to the topic you discussed in Part 2 and usually lasts 4-5 minutes.


Your questions answered:

❓ Should I use an American or “British” accent?
📚 Absolutely not! You’ll probably feel (and sound) a bit silly. You will never get extra marks for having a “British” accent – the key thing you should focus on is making sure the examiner can understand what you’re saying.

❓Will using lots of idioms and phrasal verbs boost my score?
📚 Idioms and phrasal verbs can help boost your score for vocabulary… BUT ONLY IF YOU USE THEM CORRECTLY. Vocabulary is 25% of your total score for the speaking test – do NOT lower it by using idioms or phrasal verbs that you don’t fully understand 🙁

❓ Will my body language or appearance affect my score?
📚No, your body language and appearance are NOT important in the IELTS exam. They might help you feel more confident, but the IELTS examiner can’t examine anything other than your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency and coherence.

❓ Is it possible for me to score a Band 8?
📚 Yes! However, the average IELTS score is 5.5, so you need to work EXTRA hard to get a Band 8.

❓ Can I do a mock speaking test?
📚 Yes, all of my students now get 2 full mock speaking tests with an IELTS teacher when they join my VIP Course. You can see how it helped Tejinder score a Band 8 by keeping it simple here –

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31 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking Mock Test – Band 8

  1. Raaasi Muhaj says:

    This Video was really inspiring and real… I have joined the vip course of Chris …. trust me guys … it’s really worth

  2. scott Wenger says:


    Hello greetings
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  3. scott Wenger says:


    Hello greetings
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  4. Bekzod Mukhsinov says:

    She speaks a fluent English and doesn't even worry about 'difficult' grammar and vocabulary like we unfortunately do. She does deserve a Band 8. The candidate already knows that IELTS is not about 'superduper' grammar and the most uncommon words on the planet. It is all about clarity and simplicity. Watching this, I realized how come I scored a 7 in speaking.

  5. elrei sulka says:

    I got 6.5 speaking simple like here and not a 8. The examiner needs more extended answers to get a 8.

  6. VickyHub says:

    Thank you so much. I watch Chris videos and also studied his writing tips. I wrote ielts a second time and this is my score Speaking-9, Reading – 9, Listening, 8.5, writing 7 overall band 8.5. I shared tips that I learnt and implemented. Please check it out, I would love support and feedbacks

  7. KUMAR HIRPARA says:

    i just play this video and i just finished my speaking exam it's give me more confident in my exam really good

  8. Reema Reema says:

    Okay…. but I have noticed that in part 1, there are couple of questions where she is just answering yes/no or even giving very short answers. However, I do not know the examiner's marking criteria. So yeah..

  9. iMuZam says:

    You gotta kidding me. She has done a lot of mistakes. If this is the band 8, then I might get 15. I am sure that it's not a band 8 sort of test.

  10. SanDy Rana says:

    at 2.45 he asks, where is a popular destination in your country and she is answering completely irrelevant.! i am wondering how she got 8 band in speaking

  11. khalil rehman says:

    You are the very first Teacher who encourages us to learn basic and suitable stuffs before appearing in ielts speaking

  12. Dil Se says:

    Can you tell me about the ielts.
    How to prepare for ielts who are able to talk in English,not advance but In for good speakers..??

  13. jaremeka says:

    Anybody want to practice with me via Skype or Whatsapp? My last IELTS Speaking is 7.5. I want to practice with people that have score at least 6.5 in Speaking

  14. Khyber Jan says:

    Thanks Chris for your help, actually uploading these videos really help us to be more confident

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