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For Details & Online Classes Please Contact:
Whatsapp: +923009466533
For Mobile Calls: +923004285423, +923008052112
Lahore, Pakistan
Email: asad_2002pk@yahoo.com

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Dear IELTS Candidate,
The following YouTube Links of “Video Playlists” of Mr. Asad Yaqub will be of great help to you for your IELTS Preparation. Please subscribe our YouTube Channel “Asad EMS”.

1. Asad Yaqub’s IELTS Writing Workshops

2. IELTS Speaking Module 2019

3. Unique IELTS Videos

4. General Training Reading Full Test with Tips

5. IELTS Listening Tips and Full Test

6. Academic IELTS Reading Full Test with Tips

7. IELTS Listening Guide Tips for All 4 Sections

8. IELTS Speaking Guide

9. Overview of Listening and Reading Questions Type

10. IELTS Speaking Specimen Tests

11. General Training Reading Full Test with Tips

12. Academic IELTS Reading Inside Out Tips and Tricks

13. IELTS Essay Writing

14. IELTS Supporting Videos

15. General Training Letter Writing Task 1

16. IELTS Listening Full Test with Tips

17. Academic IELTS Reading Secret Tips and Techniques

18. IELTS Listening Series

19. IELTS Reading Golden Tips and Tricks

20. IELTS Listening Golden Tips and Tricks

21. IELTS Speaking Golden Tips and Tricks

22. IELTS Writing Golden Tips and Tricks



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