This is a crucial question for every english learner. I have watched many a video where people come up with their new ideas that grammer is not an important thing in english learning. You can learn it by listening. And i have been listening to those people for so long who think it is not an important thing and just as a baby observers things to learn it, so we can.

I would like to elaborate something over here that as far as baby’s learning is concerned, it is far more different than ours.

You can just improve you english by listening to them; however you can’t learn proper english only by listening. When you are not right, you will lose your confidence as well. You have to have knowledge about grammer to be fluent in it. 

Initially i got stuck whether should i learn grammer or not? Here, lets take a pause and then think for a while; without knowing grammer will you be able to speak english correctly? You won’t be even able to understand people what are they trying to say.

Then i decided that i would start from grammer. I did it.

Grammer is essential we should have to learn grammer.

Firstly, We don’t have to put so much pressure on our mind. You can learn anything if you take things lightly. You don’t need to cram all those grammer rules. For me learning grammer hadn’t been a hellish experience, because i haven’t crammed a single rule of grammer. I don’t know what comes where. I tried to understand the concept of every sentence structure that what does sentence want to say? I don’t know yet that what is the rule of past perfect, passive voice and many more. Ever since i started learning grammer i didn’t cram anything. I made it fun for me. I used to watch kids stories in english with subtitles; so i came to know how to use grammer to sound more natural, rather than cram out those rules.

If you are just cramming. Whenever you try to speak english you will be able to speak only those things that you have learned. But on the other hand when you understand the concept. You will know how to form any kinda sentence. Make learning fun for you don’t take it as a subject it is a language. 

Grammer is the key to be fluent in english. It is really fun until you make it bored. Try to find out some different ways that how can you make learning fun. If i hadn’t learned grammer, i wouldn’t have written it. In english learning nothing is futile. Each and every concept is useful. And it is not an overnight process it takes time after all; Rome wasn’t built in a one day and nothing is impossible.

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