iSpeak – learn to speak English like a native: English lesson about pets

1. Listening

Listen to the podcast about pet owners. Try to get as
much information as you can and answer the questions below:

a) What advantages do pets have over human friends?

b) Does Simon regret having two dogs? Why/why not?

c) How are cats different than dogs according to Emma?

2. Reading

Now listen again while you read the text below and check
your answers.

Pet owners

Nowadays more and more people
decide to invite a furry creature into their lives. Some will even gladly choose
pets over human friends
. After all, your pet will love you unconditionally. As
long as you keep feeding it and giving it a bit of attention. They won’t argue
with you or betray you. You can always expect a warm welcome when you come
home. Have you noticed that they’re in a good mood almost 24/7?!

free English lessons dogs pets
Simon is a happy owner of two labrador retrievers

Here with me is Simon Green, a
happy owner of two labrador retrievers.

– Tell me Simon, is it an easy
job to take care of not one, but two large dogs? How do you manage?

– Hi! Well, I wouldn’t say it’s
easy. Sometimes it feels as if I had two kids under my care. It is a lot of
work. And it’s time-consuming. But, hey! It’s all worth the trouble. It’s
amazing how well dogs can communicate. After you spend some time with them, it
actually feels like you know them and they know you. Plus, I don’t think anyone
has ever loved me as much as my dogs.

It has been proved that our furry
friends can improve our health and even contribute to our happiness. Whether
you’re a dog person or a cat person, it doesn’t matter.

britsh english listening cats pets
Emma prefers cats to dogs

My next guest is Emma Gilbert.

– Emma, you’re more of a cat
person, aren’t you?

– Yes, I’m definitely a cat

– So tell us, what is so special
about cats?

– People think that dogs are the
only animals you can be truly close with but I think it’s a myth. Cats may not seem
as extroverted or excited. But they do show love in their own way and they can
become your genuine and loyal friends.

pet owner – a person who owns a

furry – covered with fur

creature – any living thing that
is not a plant

unconditional – not subject to
any conditions

time-consuming – taking a lot of
time to do or complete

24/7 – all the time, 24 hours a
day, seven days a week

manage to do something – be able
to do something

contribute to something – give to
help achieve something

dog/cat person – a person who
prefers dogs/cats

definitely – without doubt

extroverted – outgoing, socially

genuine – authentic
myth – a widely held but false belief or idea

to invite someone into your life

to love someone unconditionally

to give someone attention

to give someone a warm welcome

feels as if I had two kids (- that’s
what having two large dogs makes him feel like, but in fact he has no kids)

it’s worth the trouble

improve someone’s health

3. Follow-up excercise

Leave a comment below and let us

a) Are you a cat person or a dog
person? Or perhaps you prefer other pets, like rabbits or fish?

b) What do you think taking care
of a pet teaches people?

c) Try to think of 4 advantages
and 4 disadvantages of having a pet.

learn English listening dogs pets

4. Now you can repeat new vocabulary with the video lesson

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