Kids Learn English, Arts & Maths with WeDraw Robot – Smartest Educational Robot

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Hello dear friends and welcome back to our channel! Today we are reviewing WeDraw Eggy – The smartest educational robot which can teach kids Arts, English & Mathematics in a super fun way!


What is WeDraw – Eggy

WeDraw-Eggy, the robot, is an enlightenment educational tool designed for kids ages 3-8.It’s a drawing robot but also much more.
There are 3 different functional cards within the kit : Drawing Cards, Math Cards, and English Cards. It allows kids to learn math and English while drawing. WeDraw – Eggy is a little home teaching assistant to help kids get ready for school or connecting school and home self learning.

Why do kids need WeDraw – Eggy

In the traditional way, kids ages 3-8 starts their enlightenment education with books, pictures or video with coaching from parents or other adults. WeDraw – Eggy creates a brand new way for kids enlightenment education, learning by drawing. Kids love drawing and WeDraw-eggy enables kids to learn math & English by drawing. WeDraw – Eggy is like a little professional home teaching assistant and friend, it can talk with kids and demonstrating to kids to explain drawing, math and English.

Thank you WEDRAW for sending us the EGGY for the review!

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