Language Learning Success Secrets

Language Learning Success Secrets

Language Learning Success Secrets

As you’ve just seen, you don’t need to be in a classroom to keep improving your English language skills – there are lots of other ways.

Here are some easy techniques that you can use just about anywhere and anytime. And if you use them regularly you will be well on the way to becoming a great communicator in English.

1. Two heads are better than one

There are many different ways that you can practise speaking and you should get into a habit where you employ at least one or two of these methods for practise each day or week.

Practise with a friend; find a partner who is also learning English and set aside a time where you both communicate in English each day or week. By phone, online, or in person, conduct your everyday conversation through English over a coffee or tea and don’t worry if you need to fill in some gaps with your native language, just use as much English as you can and keep these chats regular.

Put learning into usage; look for an opportunity to use the recent language you have learnt in conversation as soon as you have learnt it to ensure that it becomes an active part of your range. As you learn a new phrase, make sure that you keep it top of mind so that you can use it at the next opportunity.


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