Learn English | American Textbook Reading | Grade 1 Science | Lesson 03 | Brian Stuart (미국교과서)

Learn English | American Textbook Reading | Grade 1 Science | Lesson 03 | Brian Stuart (미국교과서)

American School Subjects Reading Program for kindergarten and Grade 1 students.
American Textbook Reading for English language learners. This series helps students develop their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills using information based on American school textbooks. Our instructors will help your children expand their their knowledge of science and social studies form a diverse range of academic topics.

💓 American Textbook Reading | Science 01 | Lesson 03

**What Plants Need to Grow**
A plant needs many things to help it grow. It needs sunlight , water , and air to help it grow. Sunlight comes from the Sun. It gives the plant warmth . A plant needs water to grow. Water helps carry food from the soil to all its parts.
Soil has food for plants to grow big and strong. We cannot see air, but it is also important for the plant to grow. Plants grow in the ground . A plant needs space in the ground to grow bigger. Can you remember all the important things a plant needs to grow big and strong?

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