Learn English & Amharic – Essential Verbs አስፈላጊ ግሶች

Reading, Reciting and Remembering!
Learn English & Amharic – Essential Verbs አስፈላጊ ግሶች – Important Verbs አስፈላጊ ግሶች

እንግሊዝኛ እና አማርኛ መማር
ቀላል እና ጠቃሚ ቃላቶች
Learn English & Amharic
Simple and Useful Sentences
ለርን እንግልሽ ኧንድ አምሃርክ
ስምፕል ኤንድ ዩስፍል ሰንተንሰስ

Learn the AlphaBet, Numbers, Days, Months, New Words, Phrases, Bible Quotes, Ethiopian Names plus much more presented with beautiful Amharic to English Transcription WordArts Featured in the videos.

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