Learn English [ Brain Bank G1 Science ] 02 Fat Fred L-07.

Learn English [ Brain Bank G1 Science ] 02 Fat Fred L-07.

Guided Readers for Children.
Free YouTube Reading Program for Children with a collection of topics that children will like: animals, stars, solar system, weather, communities, jobs, and many more.
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The best non-fiction reading program for Grade 1 students.
Bank Bank helps growing readers build skills in vocabulary and critical thinking, focusing on the content areas of science and social studies.

02 Fat Fred
2. Page 1
Conversation 1
T Look at the dog. What is it doing right now?
C It is sleeping.
T Right! Do you think it is having a good dream?
C Yes, I do. The dog is smiling.

Conversation 2
T How is the dog’s fur?
C The dog has furry brown fur.
T What’s the color of its front paws?
C They are white.

Conversation 3
T What color is the dog’s nose?
C It is brown.
T Is its bed big enough for it?
C No, it is too small!

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