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05 The Yard Sale
p. 2~3 Grandma was moving to a new house.
Her new house was small.
There was not enough room for all her things.
So she had a yard sale.
I helped her set it up.

p. 4~5 Mrs. Jones came to the yard sale.
She bought a green dress.
She bought some plastic flowers.
She bought some ribbons.
What do you think she did with them?

p. 6~7 Mrs. Jones made a party dress.
She wore it to a party.
She looked fantastic!
■ Green dress ■ Plastic flowers ■ Ribbons
p. 8~9 Mr. Mendez came to the yard sale.
He bought a broken chair.
He bought some wood.
He bought some purple paint.
What do you think he did with them?
p. 10~11 Mr. Mendez fixed the chair.
He painted it purple.
Then he put it on his porch.
■ Broken chair ■ Wood ■ Purple paint

p. 12~13 Some children came to the yard sale.
They bought some old hats.
They bought some old shoes.
They bought some old curtains.
What do you think they did with them?

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