Learn English [ Brain Bank G1 Science ] 19 The Broken Pot L-05. |

Learn English [ Brain Bank G1 Science ] 19 The Broken Pot L-05.  |

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19 The Broken Pot
p. 2~3 Isabel and José were staying with their aunt.
She was a potter.
She had lots of pots.
They were all around her house.
On Saturday, Isabel and José were playing with the dog.
They knocked over a pot.
It broke!

p. 4~5 The children showed their aunt the broken pot. 어요.
“Don’t worry,” said Aunt Maria. “
“Accidents happen. “
I can make a new one.
Come into my studio.
I’ll show you how.”
Isabel and José looked around the studio.
There were tools everywhere.
Some were covered with clay.

p. 6~7 Aunt Maria put on her apron.
She started her potter’s wheel.
The metal disc went around.
She threw some clay onto the disc.
Aunt Maria wet her hands.
She shaped the clay with her hands.
She put her fingers into the top.
Her fingers made a hole in the center.

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