Learn English | Brain Bank Grade 1 Science | 01 The Dog Walker – Part 1/3 | with Jesse Watt

Learn English | Brain Bank Grade 1 Science | 01 The Dog Walker - Part 1/3 | with Jesse Watt

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01 The Dog Walker
p. 2~3 Which dog lives in the house with the big, red door?
p. 4~5 It is the little, white dog.
The little, white dog is ready for her walk.
p. 6~7 Which dog lives in the house with the big, blue door?

p. 8~9 It is the big, red dog.
The big, red dog is ready for his walk.
p. 10~11 Which dog lives in the house with the big, yellow door?

p. 12~13 It is the spotted dog.
The spotted dog is ready for her walk.

p. 14~15 The dog walker takes the dogs for a long walk.
They walk past the corner store.
They walk past the bakery.
They walk past the man selling pretzels.
They walk all the way to the park.
p.16 The dogs are having fun at the park.
Help the dog walker find each of them.

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Part 3/3: https://youtu.be/kUtFZ6BWCzo

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