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💓 03 Keeping Baby Safe
9. Page 14~15

Conversation 1
T Some animals make homes. What do other
animals do? 어떤 동물들은 집을 지어. 다른 동물들은 무엇을 하지?
C Other animals find homes for their babies.
T That’s right. Many mothers feed their babies.
Do the fathers help?
C Sometimes the fathers help.
T That’s right. The parents keep their babies safe.

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Conversation 2
T What are baby raccoons called?
C Baby raccoons are called kits.
T What are baby squirrels called?
C Baby squirrels are called kittens.
T That’s right. Kits drink their mother’s milk.

Conversation 3
T How do kits stay warm?
C Their mother keeps the kits warm.
T How long do kittens stay in the nest?
C Kittens stay in the nest for six to eight weeks.
T That’s right. Kittens are born without fur.

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