Learn English | Brain Bank Grade 1 Social Studies | 01 The Dog Walker – Part 3/3 | with Jesse Watt

Learn English | Brain Bank Grade 1 Social Studies | 01 The Dog Walker - Part 3/3 | with Jesse Watt

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01 The Dog Walker
2. Page 1
Conversation 1
T Look at the dog’s ears. What do they make you think of?
C They make me think of small wings.
T It would be fun if dogs had wings on its head.
C Yes, it would be fun if people had wings, too!

Conversation 2
T Look at the dog’s paws. What’s missing?
C The claws are missing.
T That’s right! Do cats have claws, too?
C Yes, they do! Theirs are hidden inside of their paws, though.

Conversation 3
T Does the dog have a short tail?
C No, it has a long tail.
T What color is the dog’s leash?
C It is blue.

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