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02 Fat Fred
She looked in Fred’s mouth.

p. 6~7 “Fred is a good dog,” said the vet. “
“But Fred is too fat.
You must not give Fred snacks.
You must give Fred more exercise.”

p. 8~9 Dad and the children watched
Fred sat by the children.
He looked at the food.
“Fred wants some popcorn,” said Ken.
“No, Fred,” said Amy.
“You are too fat.”
p. 10~11 “Let’s take Fred for a walk,” said Dad.
“A walk will be good for all of us.”
They all walked to the park.

p. 12~13 They ran up and down the hill.
They threw a ball for Fred to chase.
“This is fun,” said the children.

p. 14~15 Every day, they took Fred to the park.
They did not watch TV.
They did not feed Fred snacks.
Fred got thinner and thinner.

p. 16 It was time to take Fred back to the vet.
The vet looked at Fred.
“Fred has gotten thinner,”she said.
“Yes,” laughed Dad. “
“I have gotten thinner too!”

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