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03 Molly’s Friend Ben

Ben is deaf.
He can do everything that I can do.
He can read.
He can count.
He can write and draw.

p. 4~5 Hello, I am Ben.
The children in my class are deaf.
The teachers like us to listen.
They like us to watch when they speak.
They like us to talk too.
My teachers use sign language.
We use sign language too.
We use our hands and fingers to make signs.
■ Did You Know?
■ Different countries use different sign languages.

p. 6~7 Every letter in the alphabet has a hand shape.
You can spell out words with your fingers.
You can spell out names with your fingers.
Many words have a sign.
People have a name sign.
Molly’s name sign is a smile.
She is always smiling.

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