Learn English | Brain Bank Grade 1 Social Studies | 04 The Fix-It Mom – Part 2 /3 | with Jesse Watt

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04 The Fix-It Mom
p. 10~11 Toby went to hang a picture on the wall, but the hook fell out.
“The picture fell down!” Toby cried.
“Everything is breaking today!”
“I can fix it,” Mom said.
She looked in the toolbox.
She found a hammer.
Mom went bang, bang, BANG with the hammer.
“Ouch! I hit my thumb!” Mom cried.

p. 12 “I can fix it,” Toby said.
He looked in the toolbox.
He found a box of Band-Aids.
He put a Band-Aid on Mom’s thumb.
“There you go, Mom!” Toby said.

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