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Learn English Conversation – English Stories For Learning English 2

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Learn english conversation for beginners – english stories for learning english.

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English Stories 1:
English Stories 2:

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▶ Part 1

-Chapter 0: Welcome, friends!

-Chapter 1: A new friend

-Chapter 2: Looking for Ricky

-Chapter 3: On the farm

-Story Time 1: The prince and the pauper

-Chapter 4: Birthday surprise

-Chapter 5: Ricky’s week

-Chapter 6 Rocky’s a champion!

-Song: What’s your favourite day?

-Story Time 2: The story of William Tell

-Chapter 7: Rocky’s lucky cousin

-Chapter 8: Getting ready

▶ Part 2

-Chapter 0: Can you remember?

-Chapter 1: At the museum

-Chapter 2: Difficult homework!

-Chapter 3: At the court of Queen Gertrude

-Chapter 4: The mystery of the missing Queen

-Revision 1

-Chapter 5: Higher! Faster!

-Chapter 6 I want to be…

-Chapter 7: Freddy and the dragon

-Chapter 8: Holiday fun

-Song: To the beach

-Revision 2

-Quiz Time



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