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Learn English Conversation While You Sleep 😀 3000 Words 👍 Daily English Listening Practice

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Do you want to learn English? The best way to learn English is to listen to it often and practice speaking it as often as possible. This video will help you improve your English speaking skills and your English listening skills. English listening skills are so important! Listen to these conversations often and practice saying them when you can during the day.
You will improve your speaking and listening ability very quickly this way. This is especially useful for those studying ESL and TOEFL or IELTS. Each English Conversation gets repeated.

Hay conversaciones básicas en inglés en esta lección. Esta lección le ayudará a entender mejor el inglés. Le ayudará a mejorar su “listening” de inglés. Bueno, espero…

Good Luck,
Evan (Eko)

Learning Basic English Conversation for Beginners
Music: “(Zen Meditation) by Eric Bartel.


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