Learn English for Kids – Learn Easy English Words – C – Learn Useful English Words: A cup of coffee, aerial tramway, birthday cake, cab, cabbage, cable car, cactus, cactus garden, Caesar, cafe, cafeteria, cage, cainito, cake, calculator, calendar, calf, call center, camel.

Camera, camper, campfire, camping, can, can opener, canary, candle, candy, cane, canistel, cannon, canoe, canoeing, cantaloupe, cap, capybara, car, car engine, car key.

Car trunk, caravel, card, cardigan sweater, cardinal, caribou, carnation, carousel, carp, carpenter, carpet, carriage, carrot, carrying case, cart, cart wheel, carton box, cashew apple, cashew snack, cashier.

Cassava, casserole, cassowary, castle, cat, catamaran, catapult, caterpillar, catfish, catshark, cattle, cauldron, cauliflower, cave, cavendish banana, ceiling, ceiling fan, ceiling lamp, ceiling light fixture, celebration.

Celery, cell, cello, cempedak, cent, centipede, central java, cephalopod, ceremony, chain, chair, chalk, chameleon, chandelier, change, change purse, charcoal grill, checkbook, checker board, cheek.

Cheese, cheetah, cherimoya, cherry, cherry blossom, chess, chessboard, chestnut, chick, chickadee, chicken, chicken coop, chicken eggs, chicken house, chico, child, children, chili pepper, chimney, chimpanzee.

Chin, china, chinchilla, chinese quince, chipmunk, chisel, chocolate, christmas, church, cicada, circus, citron, city, clam, clap hand, clarinet, classical architecture, classroom, claw, clay.

Cleaner, clementine, clerk, climbing, clock, clone, closed door, clothes, clothes hanger, clothespins, cloud, cloudberry, clown, clownfish, cluster ballooning, coast, coastline, coat, cobweb, cockatoo.

Cockroach, cocoa bean, coconut, coconut tree, cocoon, cod, coffee beans, coffee grinder, coffeemaker, coins, cold, collared lizard, colon, color, colored chalks, colored pencils, comb, comet, comics, comma.

Compact, compass, computer, concrete mixer, condor, cone, conference room, constellation, construction worker, container, container gantry crane, container ship, cooker stove, cookie, cooking, cooking pot, coral, coral fish, corduroy, cork.

Corn, cosmetics, cosmonaut, cosmos flower, cosplay, cotton, cotton candy, couch, cougar, countryside, couscoussier, covered wagon, cow, coyote, crab, crab apple, cradle, cranberry, crane, crane fly.

Cranesbill, crashing wave, crawling baby, crayfish, crayon, cream, credit card, crib, cricket, crickets, crocodile, crops, cross, crossroads, crosswalk, crossword puzzle, crow, crowd, crown, cruise ship.

Crying baby, crystal, cube, cuckoo, cuckoo clock, cucumber, culture, cup, cupboard, cupcakes, curly hair, currant, curtain, custard, custard apple, cute girl, cute whale, cutting board, cycle, cycle rickshaw.

Cycling, cyclone, cylinder, cymbal, Easter eggs, golf cart, grey crowned crane, ice cream cone, life cabin, log cabin, padlock, shopping cart, solar powered catamaran, tower crane, vacuum cleaner, water wave circle, wood carving.



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