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Learn English From Stories -Episode 10 – ইংরেজী গল্প থেকে সহজে ইংরেজী শিখুন – Learning Point 360

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Learn English from short English stories with moral.
The Cook and his master. This is a funny and educative stories. The translation of this story in Bengali is very useful.
Reading English stories are great ways to learn and practice English. Kids and beginners can learn English easily from moral and short bedtime stories.

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৩০টির বেশী ইংলিশ ওয়ার্ড যেগুলো সবাইকে কনফিউসড করে।

রেগে গিয়ে বলার মত ৫০ টি ইংরেজি বাক্য।

Learn English from Bangladesh cricket commentary

কোন গ্রামার ছারাই একটি English Sentence থেকে অসংখ্য ইংরেজি বাক্য তইরী করা শিখুন :

এমন কিছু ইংরেজি বাক্য যা আপনি অন্য কোথাও শিখবেন না

Most Important Love and Relationship word & sentences

Clear confusion of using for and since in English. Learn English tense easily

💔Learn Spoken English – 💔💔 How to talk about break up-Free Spoken English Lesson -💔

Watch this video to learn English in Bangla from Bangladesh, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, and other countries. If you understand Bangla this video will help you in your daily English practice. This video is helpful for beginners as well as others to learn English sentences and initiate conversation with people in English confidently and fluently.
This video is also of great help for people who want to learn Bangla from English. So you can also use this video as a Bengali language learning tutorial.

#Learn English Easily


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