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Since 2011 I’ve been teaching English in the Barcelona area of Catalonia, Spain. I started in the city of Barcelona (BCN) where I became an expert in the underground Metro system as I spent my days giving classes in the many multinational businesses. These included Allianz, Swarovski, Pepe Jeans, FIATC, Habitat, ICO and Kraft/Mondelez. During this time I was responsible for professional English language training and gained a lot of valuable experience. Before becoming an English teacher I had experience in sales, retail and debt collection, so working in an office environment was not difficult for me.

After a couple of years I moved to the beautiful Maresme coast and its capital, Mataró. Here I have worked and still work in a local academy where it has been my privilege to teach young learners in the form of teens (ESO/Bachillerato) while developing my skills in Cambridge Exams (FCE/CAE/CPE). I have also continued to teach in businesses as well as privately.

It is now my intention to develop my own client base via an online platform and also to continue doing classes here in Mataró. For this reason I have set up (through a collaboration with my friends at www.webdesignhut.co.uk) my own website and YouTube channel.

www.opendoorenglish.org (email tom@opendoorenglish.org)

Through this platform I hope to interact with a variety of international students and help them achieve their goals. This could be acquiring a Cambridge certificate, preparing a business presentation, or simply gaining confidence.

I have travelled quite a lot in my life and have spent time in Canada and Australia, where I met a lot of international travellers and shared some wonderful experiences. This has given me the inspiration to continue working within the international community so we can all open more doors and pay more attention to the things that unite us, rather than those that divide us.

I also love to hear from expats who are living in Spain or any other country and you will find that I have a number of videos dedicated to documenting my experiences of living in Catalonia. The more we can share the less intimidating living abroad will seem to others and maybe they will also decide to give it a go at some point!

Please get in touch wherever you are if you are interested in learning English or sharing some expat stories with me! I offer online classes through Skype and I’m hoping to set up Zoom at some point as well. Online courses are here to stay so let’s make contact now!

Remember you can find me at:



And of course, right here on YouTube! Please like and subscribe to stay up to date with course availability and special offers!



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