Learn more about our Cambridge Mastery Program at http://www.ilsc.ca/cambridge-mastery-program.aspx
The Cambridge Mastery Program will prepare and motivate you towards the Cambridge Main Suite Exams. Learn from qualified teachers with years of experience teaching Cambridge Preparation and since ILSC is an official Cambridge test centre, your speaking partner, where you study, and where you take the actual test will be the same.

In addition to being widely recognized in commerce and industry, those certificates also fulfill English requirements for entrance to many universities, colleges, and other institutions of further education.

Here is a list of the programs you will be able to prepare at ILSC:
– Cambridge English: First (FCE) – ILSC Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, Sydney, Brisbane
– Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) – ILSC Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Sydney, Brisbane, New Delhi
– Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) – ILSC Vancouver, Toronto
– Cambridge English: Business (BEC) – ILSC New Delhi
– Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) – ILSC Sydney, Brisbane


Video Transcript :

I took the Mastery class so it was the whole day from 9am to 4pm, and it was really good because we were just focused on the exam, and we did a lot of practice. We have to write different things, like an essay, an article, an information sheet, a report. And I think that now I know the structure for all this different types of text, I can use it in my life, in the future. On the first week I was really nervous because the exercises that they use on the Cambridge, they are completely different from all the exercises I have ever seen before. My teacher was great, she helped a lot, she always said that she believed in us and things like that, and I think that these things helped a lot. I took the exam here at school; I took with all my classmates, so we were all together. I felt more confident, I knew that I could pass the test. Not only my English improved a lot during the classes but also, my way of thinking and my way of doing the exercises has also improved a lot. All the teachers are really supportive and the counsellor is great. She always gave me a lot of tips, a lot of new ideas for me. The structure of the school is also really good. I really liked it, and I would recommend it.



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