English language pronunication lesson : What’s the most important sound? This week we look at the most used sound in English and some of its applications. The answer is the schwa /ə/ – that’s the very little vowel sound that English speakers use all the time.
This is the first in a series of pronunciation videos that will help you make your pronunciation more convincing.
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This week LIBERTARIAN LINGUISTICS and Miki Pannell presents a lesson about ……

What is this Learn English with Zak Washington course?
Learn English with Zak Washington is a full, free, non-profit English Language Course made for students of English from any nationality.
The course has a special focus on native speakers whose first language is Italian and Spanish.
We post (at least) one high-quality video tutorial every week on YouTube.

This English course is one of the world’s most comprehensive language courses with more than 30 videos, 30 audio tracks, dictionaries, glossaries, monthly English learner magazines, detailed grammar explanations, exercises and communication activities. The course also contains full glossaries, vocabulary and grammar in Spanish and Italian languages.

In this video, as usual, we have the most spectacular graphics of any English language course. The images show aspects of British history, culture and the English language. All the content, graphics, script and the music are 100% original and created by linguist Miki Pannell.

Who is the video for?
The video is for both foreign English language students and TEFL English teachers. All the vocabulary and grammar translated into Italian and Spanish.

Who prepared the materials?
All materials have been prepared by linguist Miki Pannell. Miki is based in Italy and lived for over a decade in Spain and Latin America and is an expert at preparing didactic materials for Spanish and Italian speakers.

Miki Pannell bio: Miki holds a degree in Spanish with English and Literary Studies from Middlesex University, England, a post-graduate English Language and Linguistics – Certificado de Tercer Ciclo from the doctoral department of the University of Seville, Spain and is a fully-qualified EFL teacher holding a post-graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of a Second Language from Oxford House College, England.

The theatrical ability comes from five years at Plymouth’s Raleigh School of Speech and Drama as an adolescent, and the multi-instrumentalist musical skills (the soundtrack is 100% original and self-played) come from 30 years playing and recording in bands across Europe and 10 albums including 3 solo albums, the most recent is Miki Pannell ‘Me & Mr. M.T. Wallet’ (Heroe de la Guitarra Records):

The materials are produced by the LIBERTARIAN LINGUISTICS CLUB, a non-profit organisation based in Varese, Italy, dedicated to promoting free language teaching materials and organizing English-speaking social events.

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¡El curso más divertido del inglés ya tiene subtítulos en ESPAÑOL! Il più divertente corso di inglese ora ha i sottotitoli in ITALIANO!



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