Learn English – Re arrange words Ep 1 || Yousuf learn

In this video Yousuf presents that how to Re arrange words in English to make a sentence.

Drawing super heroes characters, cartoon characters, animals, numbers, letters, flowers, vegetables, fruits and making toys reviews videos, that’s what Yousuf likes to do. He got lots of plan to engage kids of his age. Yousuf likes to be famous like baby Rayan. Yousuf is just 1 and half years younger than Rayan.

Yousuf born in Toronto in year 2014. He loves playing, reading, visiting and making fun. Yousuf got an adult brother and a sister. They both love Yousuf a lot.

#toys #games #drawing #sketch

Note: All toys review and drawing of all characters is just for entertainment. It is not intend to harm or void copyrights in any way or shape.

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