In this tutorial we are going to discuss a game which will help you to build up your confidence while speaking English. This game is called story telling! This game is a great tool to enhance the fluency in English language.

This online English speaking tutorial is going to enhance your fluency in English speaking. Spoken English is a requirement in today’s global environment. New learners find it hard to speak up even if they are sound in written English communication. Spoken English is equally important as business communication and it will help individuals to grow in career.

Here we are focusing on speaking English. Content has been designed especially for new English learners who are learning as a second language. We are incorporating a simple game through which new speakers can exercise their sentence construction and get a boost in their confidence level. This game is also designed to help in fighting one’s fear of speaking out.

In this series of English speaking tutorial we are going to discuss everything which is necessary for speak in English. For the complete series of this spoken English tutorial for free subscribe to CodesWizard.

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