Learn English – Step 2 – Reading & Writing!

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Learn English – Step 2 – Reading & Writing!

Firstly – Reading will help you with many things – In fact this reading will help you improve all parts of the English learning.

It will help you increase vocabulary which we talked about on step one!

Reading will also help you spelling, writing and most importantly it will help you with the grammar… and that’s the best part.

I don’t recommend to study grammar – on its own – in the early stage when learning to speak English – and I’m talking about learning to speak English. If grammar is your subject and you have exams coming up in grammar then grammar is your subject to study and learn, but here we’re talking about learning to speak English – and to learn to speak don’t focus too much on grammar at first… because you’ll learn grammar as you read… that’s the beauty of reading

See, when you read you’re learning how you should speak and the writer or the author of the book has done the job in grammar for you.

The writer who wrote the book had made sure the grammar is correct – so when you’re reading you’re automatically learning the grammar.

This reading will give you everything – if you want to learn English more quickly, lots of reading is important. The more you read, the more input your brain gets about how the language works. When you read in English, you’re improving in your vocabulary, your grammar, your spelling and your writing skills all at the same time.

What kind of books should I read – that’s the question you’re probably asking. And this is important.

You should read two types:

Firstly –
I would start reading children books and it might not even be your level, maybe you’re thinking this will be too easy for me. But children books will help you learn the grammar, it will have easy English with words that you can relate and understand –

Many children books have pictures and illustrations of what is written. This can be a huge help to you when learning English. A new vocabulary word or phrase with picture – this will help you remember the sentence and word easily. If you come across a word that you don’t know, you can often use the story’s situation and image to actually understand the word’s meaning.

Children Book – Little Cockroach

Children Book – Paddington Suitcase

Children Book – Mary Poppins

So read children books, and read some with pictures too.

Secondly –
Don’t just read children books, but also read other books. Read books or articles that you have interest in. This will help you read and learn and will also give you knowledge on the things you’re interested in.

My advice – buy some books you’re interested in and read. This will help you learn and gain knowledge in things you’re interested in as well as learning to speak English.

As you read – start making notes by writing. Write new words and sentences you come across on your notebook. Search for the meaning of the new words and write the meaning next to the words. Write down the sentence you understood and repeat the sentence loud, so you hear them as you read. Make sure when reading don’t just read in silent. Read and make sound so you can hear yourself. This will help you hear yourself how you’re saying and how you’re pronouncing the words and sentences. Use the words you learn in sentences and read then loud so you can hear them. There is a very good and great YouTube based pronunciation dictionary where you just type in the word and that word is used by real people in spoken English. It’s known as YOUGLISH.COM – Type the word in YOUGLISH.COM that you want to learn the pronunciation and YOUGLISH.COM will bring up videos for you that word used by native speakers. You can choose US, UK or AUS English.


To conclude:
– Start reading children books
– Read other books and articles on subjects you’re interested in
– Read a little loud so you can hear what you’re reading
– Write and makes notes on new things you learn
– Use youglish.com to learn pronunciation

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