In this easy English class, you will learn to use “will’ and “won’t” to talk about the future. This is called the FUTURE SIMPLE TENSE in English. I’ll show you exactly how to use it, when to use it, and what mistakes to avoid. This one English grammar class covers everything you need: structure, usage, spelling, pronunciation, questions, short answers, and contractions. We’ll go step by step and practice it all together, so you feel relaxed and confident. This video is part of my complete engVid series on all the English verb tenses, to help you take your English from beginner to advanced levels. The next class in the program is on using “going to” and present continuous to talk about the future.

In this video:
Overview of Future Simple with “will” 00:00
When to use the future with “will” 04:04
How to use the future tense with “will” 08:27
Contractions, spelling, and pronunciation of the future tenses with “will” 15:14
Short answers using the future with “will” 18:43
Future with “will”: Practice 21:01
Future with “will”: Common Errors 25:28
Future with “will”: Conclusion 31:07

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